To encourage ladies that are entrepreneurs, ladiesinbusiness magazine would be conducting a yearly award known as the SHE AWARDS.
S – Sophisticated
H – High net worth
E – Excellence

The award is for sophisticated ladies, who have a good understanding or knowledge about a lot of things, with good ideas, tastes and manners. The individual must have a high net worth with investable assets, and also great excellent quality of being outstanding and extremely good. Prior to the day of the award, different businesses would be displayed, and nomination would be made based on the following criteria;

  1. The business must advertise with ladies-in-business magazine
  2. The business must be owned by a lady
  3. The business should have operated for a year
  4. The business must have a working website
  5. The business must be registered
  6. The business must have a minimum of two(2) employees

The SHE awards would involve both local and international clients. This is just a medium to appreciate and encourage ladies that have done well in there various businesses during the year.


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