Nigeria is a blessed country filled with young people with multi-dynamic potentials. There is no doubt that our dear country has a great future due to a lot of energetic, creative and highly motivated young people who are ready to blaze trails and set tracks for next generation to follow. However, there is a strategic mishap which is a total misconception of what the real meaning of entrepreneurship is. The meaning has been watered down by several trainings all over the place as a three way thing which are the following:
Develop an idea
Write a business plan
Get capital.

As beautiful as these steps are, entrepreneurship is far beyond these steps. So many businesses have sprung up in Nigeria in the last ten years due to these entrepreneurship fever but most of these businesses have since seized to exist: even some of these businesses that crashed were heavily financed.

This connotes that entrepreneurship is a deeper course of life that must be studied and understood before venturing into it. This is the essence of Business Innovation Academy.


Business Innovation Academy is an academy created to be dedicated to core human capital development in the areas of business development and management. At BIA, we lay emphases on building competence and ensuring quality. Our dream is to become famous for bringing the best training facilities and opportunities to young people which would boost their chances of building a successful and lasting business. As they get more enlightened on how to go about their business, there would be rapid, sustainable and expansive success. Our intention is to ensure availability and continuity of strong training.


We envision a Nigeria full of visionary entrepreneurs with high competence and strong belief system in gaining more knowledge for better development.


To become citadel of business knowledge and centre for inventing knowledge tools and innovation which will aide growth of business.



In BIA, we are driven by seven key benefits. These are propounded by a Nigerian youth who is a content genius, prolific trainer, accomplished worker and public speaker; these benefits are called “The 7 Spirits of Greatness”. These are the core values of BIA and we
shall be inculcating them in our training for our potential trainees on how to go about their business dealings with their prospective partners or clients.

  1. Vision
  2. Commitment
  3. Loyalty
  4. Passion
  5. Optimism
  6. Learning
  7. Action


WHAT: to bridge the gap between business starters/upcoming Ladies-in-business on WHAT type of business they can do.
HOW: to educate on HOW or the means available for them to grow and develop themselves and their business dreams.
WHY: to educate them on whether there is need for such business or niche for the reason WHY venturing into such kind of business.
WHEN: to assist and advice them when is best to start a business depending on the resources available.
WHO: to teach them on how to locate or research on their target audience or market available for their kind of business. What we offer


What We offer:

Business training and development with our UK CERTIFIED CERTIFICATE. (BRAD- Business
Research and Development). Business follow up and continuous mentoring on
further business operations issues. Business loan/capital to scrutinized candidates after
our business training certification Business exposure and advertisement placement
through Ladies-in-business Magazine Business award recognition to candidates that were
eventually successful with the series of achievements. The founder BIA was conceived and founded by Adeshola Onadipe, a seasoned Banker who left the job to pursue her passion in business as she sets up her company Shols Koncept Ventures; an event organizing company which has done so much within the last few years of its

Abiola Adediran

Abiola Adediran

Supriya Sharma

Supriya Sharma


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